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What Can A Fella Do For $5ish a Month?” (or $14.95 without a bulk discount)

I’m asked this question often enough that I feel the need to write a post I could link back to on the topic of, “What can you do for $5ish a month?”

Well, quite a lot actually:

– Prevent hackers from hacking your website (or fix it quickly if they do).
– Monitor your website and help fix basic errors fast (often within an hour if they occur).
– Update your plugins for you and keep your WordPress installation up to date (checked many times a week).
– Manage daily backups of your website either locally or to a 3rd party service.
– Answer your questions by phone or email pretty much 24/7/365.
– And a great deal more, all for the price of a few cups of coffee per month—seriously!

So what’s the catch?

Well, there is no catch. You may cancel at any time, and we’ll do our best to meet all of your update needs with a smile.

What HackGuard.com does not do?

Well, at 15 to 40ish cents a day we have a few reasonable limits.

We can’t do web design for you at 15 to 40ish cents a day. And for this reason, we will not be able to update your WordPress themes, WooCommerce plugins, other eCommerce-related plugins, or premium plugins like WPBakery Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, or other “paid” plugins (unless you have set up an auto-update option respectively).

Suffice it to say, if there’s a chance we could destroy your website’s appearance or layout–we won’t. Those design level tasks are best managed by an experienced web designer.

Why can’t HackGuard.com update my premium plugins?

Most premium plugins are pay-to-play plugins, meaning that updates often require login access to the plugin developer’s website, and some require payment to update.

That said, we are considering a 2nd tier of service to support premium plugins. For now, we’ll need your help in updating your commercial or premium type plugins as updates become available.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call anytime, (619) 479-6637

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