I’ve been testing website scanning services for years. Sadly, most site monitoring services are either excessively expensive or at best just malware-centric web page monitoring services (that is, just page monitoring services wrapped in malware-related marketing).

While there’s some value in these external web page checking services, the best monitoring services monitor your website from the inside, checking every file at least daily. TVCNet Website hosting provides daily malware scanning free with their hosting service, though if you can’t move your website there are lots of free options.


Free monitoring services:

Google Alerts

I should have a T-shirt made, because “I love Google Alerts!

I use Google Alerts to notify me of new links or updates that appear at Google.com. You may find Google Alerts helpful for malware monitoring as well. To better explain how I’ve created this sweet little video for you:

Below are a few website monitoring examples:

site:yourdomain.com/ (accutane|antibiotics|doxycycline|nolvadex|celebrex|zithromax)
site:yourdomain.com/ (cialis|viagra|xanax|levitra|tramadol|orlistat)
site:yourdomain.com/ (coach|”louis vuitton”|hollister|louboutin|”michael kors”)
site:yourdomain.com/ (pharmacy|”no prescription”|”online without prescription”)
site:yourdomain.com/ (essay|brides|”term paper”|your-word”)

Simply replace “yourdomain.com” with your website address, then click the “Create Alert” button. You’ll then receive email alerts if any of these words appear on your website.


ChangeDetection.com | TrackEngine.com | Changedetect.com

Around for years, ChangeDetection.com, TrackEngine.com and Changedetect.com monitor for new content or changes to websites. ChangeDetection has a nice compare web pages option as well.


You select which pages to monitor and WatchThatPage will notify when pages have changed.

Firefox Plugin: Update Scanner

I’ve been using the Firefox Plugin Update Scanner for years. You can use this plugin to notify you of web page changes as well.|


WordPress-Specific Website Monitoring

WordPress: Website File Changes Monitor

It can be a bit annoying at first since it reports all changes made within your website. Though once you get used to how it works you’ll find Website File Changes Monitor indispensable for monitoring all of your blogs from the inside (for free!).

Solid Security

The Better WP Security plugin includes a nifty file monitor as well.


Paid Monitoring Services?

As mentioned above, the best monitoring services check your website from the inside out. External scanning services can’t see those hidden back door scripts hackers like to scatter within the websites they’ve hacked.



My website has been hacked. Now what do I do?

We’re here to help you get back up and running with minimal downtime!

With over 15 years of experience in managing secure servers, we will ensure your website is unblocked at Google or your money back!

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