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Please read what some of our most recent clients have to say about HackGuard.com


You know that moment when you’re looking at your website working on something and you see a popup or something that isn’t supposed to be there, but you think you must have accidentally clicked something and forget it?

Then you see it again.
Hmm… Curious, you think.

Then, you check your website from another computer, and it’s there too.

This is where the panic sets in.

We were sure we’d been hacked and tried everything we could think of short of rolling everything back to a much older backup, which would have meant losing weeks of blog posts and hundreds of pictures and comments from visitors.

Thank goodness we found Jim and HackGuard.com. Not only did he keep me calm and assure me that my data was safe, but he knew exactly what to do. In the end, everything got fixed, AND he also helped me transfer my website to a brand new server.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Jim and HackGuard.com to anyone.

Karen Monterichard, Makeup And Beauty Blog? review of HackGuard.com

I perfectly fit the description of the primary user for Hackguard.com. I called Jim at HackGuard with an emergency which was close to my heart – my musicians family website went down due to a Wordpress plugin update gone awry, with a billboard artist waiting for a review to be published. Within 2 hours of taking on the job, Jim not only personally had the site up and running again, but also made improvements to speed and display that I hadn’t anticipated. I’ll never look back. Jim, thanks for being so responsive, such a decent guy, and thanks for Hackguard.com; it’s clearly an essential service, and you, sir, are a life saver.

David Mark Smith Founder, Global Musicians Fish Pond

I was very satisfied with the web migration service by Hackrepair.com. Jim answered the phone when I called in the late afternoon and I was able to have my database uploaded to the new website by morning. Jim also provided me with extra information so that I could see why I was having problems transferring the database myself. It was easy to reach someone by email or phone, and my emails were answered very quickly. I would definitely use this service again.

Joy, Aptos, CA

I appreciate how quickly you were able to take care of my site and get it up to snuff and protected. I loved speedy personal service and follow up you provided. It was money well spent for a small business owner like myself.

David, Seven Corners Realty, Owner

Thank you so much for the AMAZING customer service. You guys took care of the vicious attacks on my website and held my hand as we transitioned over from the horrible Network Solutions…..You held my hand through the process and took care of all the nasty details. Thanks for the amazing and responsive customer support. You respond instantly!!!! I will never go elsewhere!!!!

Andi, Active Angelz

When I spoke to Jim on the phone he was very personable and answered all of my questions, which really helped, give I am not a ‘computer person’ and having that person to person explanation of what he would do really helped. Jim cleaned up my site and now has it on ‘lock down’ with his monthly HackGuard service, which is very affordable. I am grateful to have this hands off service that gets the job done with no hassle on my part. Thank you so much Jim and HackGuard for saving my business in 2016!

Realigntherapy uses HackGuard.com service

Hackguard.com found an issue that had been on a website that a couple of other security companies had missed. Hackrepair.com quickly cleaned the site, and requested for the blacklistings to be removed. Hackrepair was great to work with.

Great Service

For all of you who has a website, or planning to have a website, I really really really recommend my friend Jim hosting/security monitoring service at TVCNet.com Web Site Hosting Service and HackRepair.com. Not only do I get an amazing service and fast support from him as far as hosting, but I love his security monitoring service.
He is always on top of everything, and if it wasn’t for him I would still be dealing with all the technical bs that I don’t like dealing with.
Not sure if you guys know but few years ago my site got hacked and the hacker posted a Penis Enlargement post and advertising o_0, seriously not a fun thing to wake-to in the morning to. Back then I was with a different hosting company, thats how I found Jim, he cleared up my website very fast and kept in touch the whole time letting me know what’s going on.
Now, he just emailed me that someone is trying to hack my log-in page continuously, but because Jim is monitoring the shit out of it, I can sleep like a baby :)))) Thank you Jim!!!

Tatianna Karmanova HackGuard.com Service Review

Jim Walker was recommended to me when my site got hacked about a year ago. Jim got on it immediately and got it taken care of. I’ve since hired him to do my ongoing maintenance for my website, and now he takes care of all my updates and security related maintenance, so I don’t have to think about it. Having Jim on my team has been such a blessing. If anything security related on my website comes up, Jim and his team take care of it immediately. He even saved me money I was spending unnecessarily between two hosting services.

Oustanding customer service

Jim knows security!  He has become my go-to guy for all things WordPress security related.  I don’t have the time in the day to keep up with all the security issues that come up every month so I rely on Jim.  He is fast, thorough, and most importantly I trust him.

Serge LaRondelle @ThatMarketingGeek

It was an absolute pleasure working with Jim, the hack repair guy. He was responsive, professional and was able to resolve our website issues in less than one business day. We would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of website security and repair.

Andres, Business Owner

I switched my website to TVC.Net the same time I switched my blog to WordPress. I found I was consuming large amounts of bandwidth shortly thereafter so I engaged the HackGuard.com services to help me find the trouble.

Jim went right to work (on a weekend nonetheless) and found the trouble. He explained exactly what was going on, and let me know how he was fixing it.

I love being able to speak with the company via email anytime I have a question or trouble, and that I get to speak to someone that doesn’t just speak “tech support”, but actually talks to me as a person. If you’ve ever been outsourced to another country for tech support, you know exactly what I mean.

– Christina L., The Sometimes Crafter

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