13 Surprising Facts About WordPress Security, by Jim Walker

WordPress Security Facts

  Key Takeaways Fact Number Key Takeaway 1 Rising data breaches highlight the need for heightened WordPress security. 2 WordPress’ ecosystem, while versatile, can be a significant security risk. 3 A holistic approach is required for adequate WordPress security. 4 Regular updates and backups are crucial in preventing WordPress cyber attacks. 5 Plugins and themes […]

How to Change a WordPress User from Subscriber to Administrator Role

A rare situation, but in those rare instances when your website has been hacked and your WordPress user account has been changed from the role of Administrator to something else entirely, it may be easiest to simply change your WordPress user account back to Administrator using phpMyAdmin. To change your WordPress user account from Subscriber […]

About the HackGuard.com WordPress Updates and Security Service

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What Can A Fella Do For $5ish a Month?” (or $14.95 without a bulk discount) I’m asked this question often enough that I feel the need to write a post I could link back to on the topic of, “What can you do for $5ish a month?” Well, quite a lot actually: – Prevent hackers […]

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