13 Surprising Facts About WordPress Security, by Jim Walker

WordPress Security Facts

  Key Takeaways Fact Number Key Takeaway 1 Rising data breaches highlight the need for heightened WordPress security. 2 WordPress’ ecosystem, while versatile, can be a significant security risk. 3 A holistic approach is required for adequate WordPress security. 4 Regular updates and backups are crucial in preventing WordPress cyber attacks. 5 Plugins and themes […]

Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue – Or Maybe Not…

Weekly jQuery Migrate Status Update

One of the most common support requests I receive on a weekly basis have the subject “Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue”. These not so helpful email messages were introduced in the release of WordPress 5.2. While I’m sure the WordPress developers who added this feature thought it would be a great way to […]

About that “Weekly jQuery Migrate Status Update” email

Weekly jQuery Migrate Status Update

We’ve received a good number of support requests about the “Weekly jQuery Migrate Status Update” emails from WordPress this past year. These mailers are a new feature of the “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” plugin. With the update to WordPress 5.5, a migration tool known as jquery-migrate was disabled by default. This disabling of that function […]

About the HackGuard.com WordPress Updates and Security Service

A semicircular diagram titled

What Can A Fella Do For $5ish a Month?” (or $14.95 without a bulk discount) I’m asked this question often enough that I feel the need to write a post I could link back to on the topic of, “What can you do for $5ish a month?” Well, quite a lot actually: – Prevent hackers […]

WordPress 4.9.3 – Going into the tunnel and never coming out…

In case you hadn’t heard, in early February 2018, WordPress did a double release of versions, from version 4.9.2 to 4.9.3, then 4.9.4 in a matter of two days. For some WordPress websites, this led to a collision of versions, the end result being it broke the auto-update mechanism, leaving potentially millions of websites stuck […]

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