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One of the most common support requests I receive on a weekly basis have the subject “Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue”.

These not so helpful email messages were introduced in the release of WordPress 5.2.

While I’m sure the WordPress developers who added this feature thought it would be a great way to alert folks of downtime due to plugin or theme incompatibilitWhile a great step in alerting WordPress users of potential errors within their websiteI’m

The plugin, Enable jQuery Migrate Helper, was installed as a temporary solution, enabling the migration script for your site to give your plugin and theme authors some more time to update, and test their code.

Recently, this plugin has been sending “deprecated” email alerts to administrators as well.

The word “deprecated” simply means that some function within a plugin or theme no longer meets the latest WordPress coding standards.

Should you be concerned?
Answer: No, but maybe…

WordPress is evolving and in doing so, some older coding standards will be left behind, to be replaced by newer faster, more secure standards. If you have received a deprecated message, like the one below, the message is simply a reminder that older code may stop functioning someday in the future.

Since maintaining the latest updates is just smart business where WordPress is concerned, be sure to check what is described as deprecated within the email alert and update that if possible.

In the example notice above, you’ll see that the alert relates to the “Dandelion” theme. Once the client updated his theme the error reports ended—the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin was no longer required and then deleted.

If you wish to stop your website from sending these messages you could try deleting the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin. If your website functions without the plugin, you should be fine for a while.

If your website appears broken after disabling the plugin, just add the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin back to fix the issue.


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