You’ve lost your WordPress administrator password, or worse, your web designer has flown the coup and you can’t log into your WordPress dashboard?

How do I reset my WordPress password?How annoying is that!

It’s really not that hard to reset your password. I’ll explain with few easy examples below.


1. Click “Lost Your Password?”

I know, easy right?

Well, it is possible you are no longer set as the administrator, but click away. Enter every email address you believe you may have used into the Lost Your Password? box and submit. If all goes well you should receive a password reset link within seconds.


2. Use the password hack provided by WordPress

See this unnecessarily wordy page for details (Geez. Know your audience much!):

Using the Emergency Password Reset Script

Just remember to delete the file after use. Doh!


3. Edit your WordPress theme’s functions.php script

See the how-to on “How to add a new WordPress user without logging into WordPress


4. Use PhpMyAdmin to change your password

Ok, one day I’ll do one of these myself. Until then, check this guys well done “how to change your WordPress password with PhpMyAdmin video”:



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